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Posted by KingCheater | On: Dec 30 2016

how to cheat travian

These days I’ve just want to play travian. I’ve  registered at travian and begin playing. After two hours what to see: the travian server is vulnerable, and i’ve made a cheat :)) I will no play more but I’m giving you this amazing cheat for Travian for free!
This cheat for travian is 100% safe, the travian administrators cannot find or patch this bug because is so persistent and hard to find.

Ultimate Travin Cheat have the following capabilities:
Travian Wood Hack
Travian Clay Hack
Travian Iron Hack
Travian Wheat Hack
Travian Gold Hack (Premium)

This hack is 100% undetectable and you are 100% safe using this cheat!
You can take a look at video demonstration with Ultimate Travian Cheat to understand how it works and how to use Travian Hack:

This software has already 1000 testers and working rate is 100% in normal for all our testers!


Download Ultimate Travian Cheat at the following links:

download travian cheat

Download Here

Need help downloading? Read this


 This cheat can be used for multiple accounts as you want.

How to use Ultimate Travian Cheat:

#1: Close all application before start;
#2: Open Ultimate Travian Cheat;
#3: Open the browser with travian and log out if you are logged in;
#4: Now connect to your account from cheat;
#5: After you’ve connected you have to select what you want to sent to your account;
#6: Now click “Start” and wait for sending;

Other screenshots with Ultimate Travian Hack:

cheat travin connected to account

travian cheats hacks free

 Enjoy with your new Travian Cheat!


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