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Posted by HowTo CheatAnything | On: Mar 18 2018

Travian cheat is one of the great hack for Travian online and offline version of distraction through his amazing techniques that can cheat Travian game without any risk.

Much more people are looking for ways to cheat the Travian game but cheats for this great game are very hard to get free and so, our staff decided to make a cheat tool for Travian game (all versions) and we give it to the world this cheat to download it really free. Yes, Travian hack is now a free cheat for anybody thanks to how-to-cheat.net team of programmers.

With this advanced cheat tool you are the furher of the game because you can generate anything you want on your Travian account (if you play Travian online) and on the game registry if you play offline. Of course if you play online you can kick other players from the game. Pure and simple you can have anything unlimited.

You should take a look at video to learn how to install and use Travian hack:

Bonus feature added on the pack with this great cheat: Advanced Travian BAN Remover. Yes, if you have an account which is banned you can play again with this great Travian hack <<BETA>> .

Q: How long this hack for Travian will continue to work?
R: This trainer will continue to work in any time because it have a specially module so you can update this hack from the menu (as you can see on screenshot below). We are anytime one step ahead of patches applied by game hunters and we sent automatically updates to this cheat so it will continue to work anytime.

If you use this hack you don’t have to worry because this advanced cheat is 100% safe to use anymore you want. Travian cheat contain a module for your safety: your IP Address is hidden because this hack is using nologins to hide 100% your identity. Practically you are behind nologins.


Download Travian cheat at the following download links/mirrors:

Download Travian Cheat/Hack



Your computer must be clean before downloading this hack and with an antivirus or anti malware scanner software and it must be active. This cheat is very sensible.

How to use this Travian cheat:

1. Download Travian cheat from link above.
2. UnRar the cheat and then run installer.
3. After you have installed the cheat a shortcut will appear on your desktop.
4. Run the shortcut from desktop and enjoy the best hack for Travian.

If you have any problem with this trainer and or you want to suggest a new feature feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Other screenshots with Travian hack:

Enjoy you new toy for hacking Travian .


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